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How can a single shower clean you and the planet?


Disposable plastic packaging creates huge quantities of waste, which are often not recycled and remain in our ecosystems, posing a serious threat to our environment and to our health. Regardless of the negative effects on the natural resources, plastic packaging has become commonplace.


Take the typical bathroom, full of plastic bottles and containers. Are they really necessary?



sålidt helps you to get rid of plastic packaging, by bringing solid wash products to your bathroom. Accompanied by practical tools, we enhance and streamline your bathroom experience with solid soap and shampoo.

Why solid? Solid wash products come without packaging, use less water, whilst typically lasting longer. Made out of natural ingredients, they’re good for your skin, leaving your body and conscience fresh.

a brand dedicated to solid wash products

Good for your body

Natural and enriched with essential oils, solid products don’t come with harmful chemicals and make your body feel good. Locally produced, buying solid products is also an act of responsible consumption, supporting your local soap manufacturers.

Our innovative tools

A bar of soap slipping through your hands and messing up your bathroom? We know this can be a pain this is why sålidt provides innovative tools to make the usage of solid products convenient and fun.

Good for the planet

On top of being zero plastic waste, solid products are concentrated and therefore last longer. No added water makes them easy and efficient to transport - saving emissions. sålidt wash products contain no microplastic, no chemicals and are biodegradable.  Increasing resource efficiency means that they are not only good for you and the planet but also for your wallet.


Now do you believe that a single shower can make a difference?


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Say no to plastic

Plastic waste is a global problem. The European Union alone produces over 25.2 million tons of plastic waste annually, of which only about a quarter is recycled. On top of this, roughly 8 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every year. This has disastrous consequences on our ecosystems, threating ocean wildlife, but also our health.


Plastic packaging alone contributes to 62% of all plastic waste. That is why sålidt says no to plastic. We offer solutions to facilitate the use of plastic-packaging-free solid wash products, in line with our philosophy: "the best packaging is no packaging".




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