Easy horse chestnut laundry detergent

Ever wondered what horse chestnuts are good for? You can make a great eco-friendly laundry detergent free of any chemical additives. Similar to soapnuts widely used in India, horse chestnuts also contain saponins (a soap-like chemical compound), making a great regional alternative.

The laundry detergent is easy to make, 100% natural, suitable for sensitive skin and odour-free. And of course - comes without packaging ;-)

By following these steps, you can also make your own batch

Step 1 : Collect and wash the horse chestnuts (make sure you don’t have edible chestnuts).

Step 2: Cut the chestnuts into pieces while they are still fresh. (Dried chestnuts are a lot harder to chop)

Step 3: Blend the chestnuts until finely chopped.

Step 4: The finer the grain , the faster the saponins will dilute in the water. See next step.

Step 5: Put a few tablespoons of the finely grained horse chestnuts into a jar and fill with hot water. Let the mixture rest for about 30 minutes until the water turns milk-like. Filter and use the water as a normal liquid laundry detergent.


Some sources say that the detergent might not be suitable for white laundry (unless you remove the brown skin in advance ).

More detailed descriptions here and here.

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